Summer Is Here, How To Wear A Dress?

1.Dress + Sneakers

Mixing dresses with sneakers is a classic combination of this summer. Casual neutral-style sneakers neutralize the sweetness or formality of some dresses, making the dress look easier and more natural. Coupled with the sexy sex of the sneakers, it will also be full of vitality.

No matter what style or color of the dress, as long as with sneakers, you can instantly become fashionable and foreign.

Small white shoes are the best in flat-bottomed sneakers. When wearing floral dresses, in order to make the shape less visually cumbersome, you need a pair of small white shoes.

And there are a lot of small girls who like to wear old shoes, because its thick bottom can be increased! And the dress with the seconds to become sweet and handsome girl~

2.Dress + Loafers

Spring and summer are the world of Loafer shoes, comfortable and light, not picking the feet, better than small white shoes.

Loafer shoes can give you a sense of intimacy, with a elegant dress, exquisite and temperament.

Want to be more feminine, you can choose the elegant flat shoes.

The design of the pointed shoes is full of strong personality. It is delicate and meticulous, which makes the woman’s feet become slender and beautiful, so they are obsessed with women.

3.Dress + Sandals

Dresses and sandals can wear a full holiday style, among which black is the most versatile, whether it is a complicated style or a simple solid color can fully hold.

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