Suit + Jeans, 2019 Spring Fashion Wear

Everyone has their own style of dressing. The best fashion combination in the spring is suit + jeans.

Plaid is a hot topic in the fashion world. No one season in the year is spared from being disturbed by the plaid. Then, there is no standard answer to fashion. In the spring, choose plaid + suit, with light-colored jeans, exquisite and fashionable. The hem of the trousers is an irregular cut design that highlights the perfect shape.

The gray suit + light-colored jeans with a sense of high-grade, the beautiful minimalist style, but the age is reduced. The inside is our most basic white T-shirt, fresh and white, can enhance the brightness of the shape more than one class.

If you add plaid elements to the high-grade gray, then this sense of luxury can easily catch up with the retro fashion style. This time, the black ones can also be used to create a different kind of beauty. Jeans with a cut-out design add a touch of elegance

The small suit of velvet fabric itself has its own temperament, and the little fairy is the most important step at this moment. The velvet suit + jeans, the contrast between the light and the deep, gives a strong visual impact.

Jeans add a little bit of tailoring, a knife cut design, invisible more than a trace of street fashion. There is no standard answer to fashion, and the gray bottoming shirt creates a practical and free-spirited workplace. The whole person looks very eye-catching and shows a strong gas field. I want to open the spring retro fashion mode. I will pick up the book and remember it. This set is very good.

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