Spring Is Now, You Need A White Shirt!

1. Thick Coat (thin coat, leather coat) + White Shirt

The white shirt looks plain, but everyone who wears uniforms knows that its perfectionism is picky. If the temperature swings around ten degrees, a thick coat with a white shirt, the first thing to pay attention to, unbutton the two pieces to ease the sense of work!

Jessica Clements, the favorite blogger, likes to wear this method. The white shirt unbuttons the coat and wraps the scarf when necessary. It is easy and comfortable, and it also takes care of the warmth of the early spring season.

2. Thin Coat (suit, windbreaker) + White Shirt

The temperature rises and the outer ring is the stage for suits and trench coats. In order to avoid the lack of layers, most people have learned to stack white shirts to enhance the fashion. Among them, how to change the law to make the white shirt “little” is the key to success.

Relatively speaking, the white shirt is a tester for the bottoming. If the face is not very contoured, it is recommended to take the following “high collar + white shirt”.

The high collar + white shirt is equivalent to a soft light between the shirt collar and the mandible. Stacked in a windbreaker suit, it is easier to show the atmosphere.

3.Only White Shirt

Wearing a white shirt in the afternoon of the sun is not a must, remember to wear a good boot to enjoy the beauty. However, after all, in early spring, wearing a white shirt, do not worry about “showing”.

The design of a white shirt does not mean that you must be sexy. For example, there is no such white shirt in the south, the V-neck is thin, and the girdle design has the chivalrous spirit of the Taoist fairy. You can rely on a white shirt to dominate the street without the need for the mountain dew.

Nowadays, the long-sleeved white shirt is popular, such as Even Vintage, a double-fronted white shirt, elegant and generous, with lambskin sleeves and thin skin. The satin gloss is more advanced, with trousers. , hit the shirt? nonexistent.

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