Spring Blossoms, When Shirts Meet Wide-leg Pants!

Whether it is fashionable people or super stars, they all use white shirts to make a concave shape. In the spring season, when the shirt meets the wide-leg pants, what fun and interesting story will happen? Next, look at this article.

When the blue and white striped shirts meet the solid color wide-leg pants, they are simple and versatile, and they are not monotonous nor full of fashion fun. The shirt is tied into the wide-leg pants, and the straps are designed to easily show the waist of the little fairy. The strappy shoes with thick heels can be high in personality. The white color makes the skin white and tender.

Black and white is the simplest color combination in the fashion world. No matter how to wear it, will not make people find faults. The shirt is added to the V-neck design to add a stylish personality to the look. When the white shirt meets the black wide-leg pants, the classic looks good. The silk scarf with polka dots on the neck gives you a sense of warmth.

Who said that white is not thin? In the spring season, the temperature is gradually picking up, and the clothes of the little fairies are gradually decreasing. Loose white shirts, are the little fairies all started? With denim wide-leg pants with holes, you can show off your personality and make you look good.

Whenever the season is changed, the biggest trouble is the problem of large temperature difference. In fact, the temperature difference is not so terrible, a jacket can easily get the problem, what is the little fairy still worried about? White shirt + denim wide-leg pants, classic matching, to complete your high fashion sense. The irregular cut of the trousers adds a look to the look. The orange shoes on the feet add a full range of vitality.

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