Pleated Skirt—Fashion,Beautiful and Warm!

The most indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe is the dress. The temperature is getting colder, and the trousers have become the first choice for many people to keep warm. But the skirt always makes people look sexier. If the short skirt is the privilege of summer, then the pleated skirt is the protagonist of the autumn and winter seasons. The length of overknee gives you a sense of security, and the versatile features can include different styles, and the changing fabrics make you fashionable.

The prevailing retro style makes the pleated skirt return to the public’s view again. The simple and regular lines can be ingeniously decorated with body shape, and the fine folds make it have unlimited possibilities. Whether it is the simplicity sexy of Dior’s semi-transparent asymmetric design, or the modern printing technology on the Gucci show, different styles of design are injecting a new form for the classic style of pleated skirt.

The elegant pleated skirt also needs some details to enrich it. The outer suit jacket is impeccable in terms of fashion and practicality, free and easy but different. It’s also a good choice to combine it with a street-inspired baseball jacket. The looming hem adds a layered look to the overall look and wins with detail. Don’t forget to change your high heels into canvas shoes to make the wearing style more harmonious.

It is worth mentioning that the metallic pleated skirt is particularly eye-catching in the fashion show in recent seasons. From high-profile gold to cool silver, or eye-catching electro-optic blue, the sparkling embellishment between the folds brings a different look and feel, and a strong futuristic feeling adds a layer of fantasy to the look.

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