Jeans + Denim Jacket Is The Most Fashionable Match In Spring

Jeans and denim jackets are the most everyday items that are indispensable in the wardrobe. Usually, everyone wears a single piece, try to wear a complete set, and the fashion is doubled.

The advantage of this method of wearing is that as long as you wear it together, you will naturally have the effect of Total Look.

1.Fur Collar Denim Jacket + Jeans

In the winter, there is a variety of upgraded jackets with a plush to replace the thin one layer, the denim fabric has a tough texture and the cuff neckline is soft and soft. The lower body straight-leg pants have long legs and straight legs, and the tassels of the jeans legs extend the overall effect, allowing the lower body pants to be connected with the black booties.

The micro-horn jeans make the whole very retro, with high-heeled shoes hidden in the trouser legs and quietly stretched proportions.

The trend of the big logo has returned, and the denim and denim wear method itself is also very 80’s atmosphere, you can choose the matching shoes and bags according to this impression.

A circle of gray fleece on the cuffs adds detail to the details, and also protects the hands from being frozen. The cropped jeans are exposed to the ankles, and the white shoes are especially refreshing.

2.Complete Set of Denim + Hoodie

The soft knitted fabric of the sweater brings comfort and security, and the casual temperament coincides with the cowboy. The newly married Haili always likes the oversized boyfriend’s wind jacket, black hooded sweater and big sunglasses to add body.

The wide-shoulder denim jacket has a sense of style, and the straps on the side of the jeans are similar to the track pants, and the legs are echoed with the boots.

If you have a thick denim shirt, you can also try it as a jacket this season. Like this Wconcept Short Sentence large-profile shirt-style denim jacket is very suitable, made particularly thick, wearing a dark gray hoodie shape is very simple to wear.

The red and blue are put together with a strong eye-catching effect. Wearing a red sweater and jeans is too big. Wearing a jacket and a small part of the front piece is much more comfortable. Gigi white shoes, small white bag and color make the whole fresh.

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