Have You Bought Summer Dresses?

Essentials 1: White Dress That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

The pure white dress comes with a fairy effect. The female man can also become a little fairy in seconds.

The white dress of the sling can choose the long A-line skirt, which is more elegant and is a must for the holiday. The long yarn quality is the standard under the summer sea breeze. You are the little fairy who walks out in the fairy tale.

Essential 2: Polka Dot Skirt

If you only buy a dress, the polka-dot dress is the best choice. The romantic elegance and low-key have connotation, revealing a touch of French style. Although the wave point is just a pattern, the style of the wave dress can be varied. The same black wave point can have large wave point wavelet points, long skirt and short skirt, different cutting. The same bamboo basket bag can wear a completely different style.

How to choose such a variety of classes? You can choose some bright color polka-dot skirts from the color.

You can also choose a layered polka-dot skirt from the cut. The layering is a good helper, and the flat-breasted girl can choose a layered skirt with a chest to make the figure more curved.

Essential 3:Ruffle Dress

With the reincarnation of fashion, the lotus leaf swept again. The sweet lotus leaf has a self-contained gas field, elegant and not lethal.

Making a fuss about the sleeves is one of the ways to improve the overall look. The sleeves with ruffles not only create a full retro court feeling, but also light as a little fairy to float.

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