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What Color Is Best To Wear This Summer?

Do you know that a piece of clothing is worn on the body, what do people see at first sight? Style? Texture? Brand? All are not. What others see at first sight is the color! Especially in summer, if the colors are chosen correctly, the color and feeling are completely different!

For summer clothing, the blue is easy to match and varied and youthful. Almost every girl’s wardrobe is stocked with several blue items.

The blue with different brightness is also different. The dark blue is steady and steady, and the light blue is bright and lively. Even the big women who are strong, wearing a light blue shirt exudes a subtle girlish feeling.

This off-the-shoulder blue top + straw hat look, especially with a vacation style.

Soft pink, gentle pink, retro pink….. This year’s popular pinks are soft to the eye, and you can’t help but want to wear out the street~

The wrap dress is an indispensable piece of the season, and the pink wrap dress makes the sexy with a sweet taste.

If you add a pair of small white shoes, shopping will definitely become brisk and your mood will become as lively as a girl.

When we were a girl, we always love pink clothes. If you are already in the workplace, you will want to wear it again. The pink suit + black word with high heels makes the whole body look sweet but not greasy and intellectual.

Any good words to describe the summer is pale, only a touch of bright color can ignite the summer enthusiasm, just like the bright yellow, seeing whether it feels bright, the mood is lit.

No matter how simple you usually dress, you should have at least one red fashion item. The enthusiasm brought by red will definitely make your whole person look radiant.

Teach You To Wear A Romantic Beauty With A Polka Dot Skirt

This black polka-dot dress may touch your heart and help you travel gracefully. The neckline of the V-neck has the effect of extending the neck and the full value of the charm.

Or the neckline is decorated with this personality, and it is also easy to highlight your beautiful swan neck. With this white polka-dot dress, paired with black high heels, the feminine taste is easy to upgrade.

The polka-dot dress with a sling style teaches you to wear romantic beauty, giving you a sense of sensuality. And the little fairy only needs a pair of pointed high-heeled shoes, it can easily show the high and thin temperament, let you get rid of the short mantra from now on, turned into a tall goddess.

If you want to be more fashionable and stylish, then you can try this polka-dot dress with a shoulder-shoulder design. You can also secretly show off your shoulders and show you the most fascinating side. Little fairy with a pair of high-heeled sandals, this summer is not stuffy, to be comfortable, to help you travel elegantly.

My favorite is this simple-style polka-dot dress, which is low-key and unobtrusive, but it is a hidden beauty, and people can’t help but stop and watch more. The belt is ready, for you to improve the waistline, the grace index soars, and the small man can wear a golden ratio.

T-shirts with skirts are not only suitable for this body, such as T-shirts with checkered skirts, etc., are all universal. And with a white T-shirt with a black polka dot skirt to teach you to wear a romantic beauty, the combination of white and black, the interpretation of the ultimate charm.

Of course, can this large red polka-dot dress easily capture your favor? The white top with a shoulder, with a loose skirt, the favorite is this combination of tight and wide, will not make the overall shape become very awkward.

Wear A Blue Dress In The Summer To Show Your Literary Style

This wrap-around blue dress is relatively more aggressive and more suitable for the little fairy in the workplace. The neckline is V-shaped, which has the effect of extending the neck, fresh and feminine. If you are worried about the deck space, the little fairy can be decorated with a delicate necklace to make the swan neck more attractive. A dark blue shoulder bag, a look of different shades, the shape has become very colorful.

In the summer, a blue dress with chiffon is used, which gives the little fairy a more feminine temperament. The shoulder is a shoulder-shouldered design that highlights sexy femininity.

The bright red pointed strap sandals give this hot summer a refreshing taste. Say goodbye to the little white dress, the blue dress of the Polo shirt style, injects a sense of fashion into the overall wear. Everyone knows that since the ancient red and blue is a couple, so this kind of match, the personality style is played in minutes.

The design that loves this kind of print is very detailed and full of sincerity. And a pair of red pointed sandals, in fact, with the above set, have the same effect, so wear a blue dress in summer, this time, you can consider the red shoes, very good wearing a sense of confidence.

The red pointed flat shoes can instantly lengthen the proportion of the little fairy’s legs, bid farewell to the little white dress, use the blue dress of the doll collar to reduce the age, and immediately open the summer eye-catching mode.

And this set, thick red sandals, plus the help of a blue dress, show your fresh literary style.

Summer Dress, Wearing A Different Taste

The white sloping shoulder dress, combined with the shoulder-shouldered design, reveals sexy and unique femininity. The overall shape has the help of black polka dots, which makes the look very jumping and lively, and it has a variety of charms. The black thin waistband at the waist makes the slim waist slimmer. The skirt floats with the wind, giving people a feeling of walking and wind, full of sense of elegance.

If you want to easily highlight the age-reduction, this beautiful and elegant pink short-sleeved dress, don’t miss it. The pleated design of the sleeves reveals the slim arms. The split of the skirt and the neckline of the V-neck highlight the femininity of mature women, yet the temperament is not lost. There are black slippers on the feet. It’s a bit lazy and a bit elegant. It’s really hard to think about it.

A light-colored dress is a design with a word collar. The elegant temperament comes in an instant, and the charm value is easy to burst. With a blue piece as a belt, the personality is not too dignified and feminine, wearing a different taste. The power of white canvas shoes is more white and temperament.

The design of the split dress, the full sexy and charm, plus the assist of a straw hat, the variety of charm, the little fairy found no, the holiday comfort, the weather is fine, hurry to put on the dress, Let’s go out with a good girlfriend to travel. Put on a pair of casual slippers and let the world walk.

The youthful green dress has a clear layer and gives a very ladylike feeling. Then, holding a bunch of flowers, you will wear a literary fan. A pair of small white shoes on the foot, the thick beauty in the picture is about to overflow the screen and wear a different taste.

T-shirt + Expansion Skirt, The Unique Elegance Of Summer

Everyone wears T-shirts in the summer, but the simple T-shirts, because of the prime, can be combined with countless styles and styles. The most elegant everyday LOOK, it is necessary to count T-shirts with large swing skirts.

T-shirts with a large swing skirt Simply put, there is a sense of everyday wear and a little gorgeous dress. The length of the skirt is properly selected, and the ankles are exposed, and the legs are thin.

The pleated skirt’s pleats are exquisite and craftsmanship, and the straight lines are very Man, elegant and every woman. Choose a bright coral red pleated skirt with a pair of red flat sandals. At this time, you can fit the lower body with a dark color that is not too bright.

Using the same color is certainly the safest and most effective, including your handbag. The striped pleated skirt will make your hips look less wide.

The rich mix of colors is skillful, and the blue-green color scheme gives a very refreshing feeling. But be careful not to be too average for the two colors, otherwise, it will appear to be unfocused.

The long umbrella skirt with T-shirt is simple and succinct, but pay attention to the umbrella skirt must choose high waist, or have a waist seal, so as to maximize the shape of the umbrella skirt from thin to wide.

Leather smock with T-shirt, sexy and fashionable, choose the same material as the umbrella skirt, and the same color as the booties, it is enough to combine your shoes with a pair of shoes.

The beginning of the cake skirt is named after a layer of cakes, but the traditional cake skirt is a bit complicated, like cosplay, so it is slowly transformed into irregular or reduced laminate to reduce the thickness.

This kind of cake skirt is also very particular about the choice of fabrics, and it is generally more common in medium and long sections because it is too short and the original layering is easy to have a dragging visual effect.

How Do Plump Girls Wear Dresses?

The autumn and winter large-profile clothing can cover the skin thinner, while the summer fabrics are soft and light, which fits the body curve and is easy to expose various small defects. The material of the bottoming shirt is stiffer than the skirt, and the shoulder line is supported. Get up and get up.

Every day, wearing a skirt with an off-shoulder dress out of the street is quite challenging for many girls. It is easy to get started with the addition of a piece, and it can also enhance the visual center of gravity.

The standard for choosing the inner primer is not too loose, and the pattern is too complicated. Otherwise, it is worn in the skirt instead of “helping you down”, and the straight silhouette and slightly loose bottom can be used.

The thin shoulder strap of the suspender skirt has a sense of security on the bottoming shirt. The solid color base is used as the background color to enhance the design point of the skirt itself and adjust the styling and dense rhythm.

The ethnic floral dress also has a tie-dyed print that is popular this year. The printed skirt has never fallen out of the fashionable field. Sometimes the upper body is slightly complicated, and the clean interior is cleverly resolved.

Leopard prints, cow prints, various animal patterns have strong texture, metal accessories add a modern sense of cold, white T-shirts are greasy, and rolling up the cuffs to polish the details is also the focus of the model.

Party dresses are usually too big to be worn on a daily basis, which makes people feel a sense of burden. It is better to use a black T-shirt with a hand to make it easier.

The A-type large skirt has a dramatic effect, the shoulder line support weakens the daily distance, and the two-piece closed ties at the waist make the overall style quite comfortable.

The long skirt is elegant, and the short skirt with the length above the knee has a lively sense of the girl, revealing the contrast between the thigh and the college style.

T-shirt + Shorts, Cool For A Whole Summer

The summer T-shirt is like our daily air. If there is no T-shirt in the summer, I really can’t say that I have spent a beautiful summer.

Gray comes with a sense of quality, these two T-shirts are gray, but there are some differences in color. And the T-shirt with the hole denim shorts, it looks more fashionable, which one would the little fairy prefer? Whether it is a small white shoe or a small black shoe can be used on the foot, mainly to see the little fairy favorite. Wearing a pair of sunglasses in the summer is definitely not wrong, and it is cool and sunscreen.

A dark green T-shirt with yellow and red stripes accents the enthusiasm and vitality. This T-shirt fits with the cut shorts, making it easy to show straight long legs. To be refreshed, don’t be sultry, join the small white shoes, instantly light up the shape, refreshing and natural beauty.

A bright yellow T-shirt, the little fairy can wear this T-shirt with white shorts to create a strong visual impact. Of course, if you want to go on holiday, then the slippers will wait for you to get it.

You definitely need a black system to assist, and black sunglasses with a black T-shirt, black shorts, so that the little fat little fairy, you can easily get rid of the troubles of the body. The sturdy and slim black system really makes you stand out from the crowd because you can show your boyfriend’s explosive side in an instant.

The color-matched striped T-shirt makes your world no longer boring, and the red cross-body bag is the icing on the cake.

Blue and white stitching striped T-shirt, full of retro atmosphere, you can come to white shorts, easy to cool down, you can reduce the complexity of the upper body in an instant so that the overall mix has added a bit of fashion. The most stealthy shots should be the pair of red single shoes. It’s hard to think about it.

The Summer Of The Hipster’s Starts From The Slashed Trousers

Open trousers are cooler than ordinary trousers, but they have their own personality. The design of the end of the footsteps also perfectly shows your carefully matched shoes.

If you choose 7 or 9 points of trousers, you can also show your legs fine. In short, the open pants are a very compromised item that can be worn all year round.

Another collocation point is to put on the waist jacket covering the hips, put on high heels, and enlarge each of your advantages.

When the tight-leg pants are paired with sneakers, the upper body can also be worn less elegantly, and it can be worn with T-shirts and denim jackets.

The wide-leg pants that were opened were blown by the wind or walked a big step, and there was a kind of trousers. In the summer, the wide-leg pants at the bottom are cooler than ordinary wide-leg pants, and will not let the lower body suffocate in the pants.

The wide-leg pants in front of the open are more free and easy when walking, inadvertently revealing your big white legs, full of sexy.

If you are not tall enough, choose a pair of wide-leg pants that are similar in color to hate. Wide-leg pants are more eye-catching, so just make the overall color uniform.

The wide-leg pants of the cowboy look more volume, and the opening can weaken this feeling. For example, this one, cut a knife diagonally, with a little edge, look very straight leg-shaped.

Chiffon wide-leg pants can be both vertical and elegant. If you want to be a holiday, wear the same flowing top.

Have you ever thought about wearing a pair of trousers? A whole set can be worn out effortlessly, and the bib with sneakers is a symbol of youthful vitality.

T-shirt + Flower Skirt, The Summer Sweetheart Is You

Speaking of flower skirts, the first thing that comes to mind is the bohemian dress that has returned to the stage of fashion in recent years. Lightweight fabrics and vibrant colors make it one of the best summer collections.

Fringe, stitching and bright colors… these are one of the most distinctive features of bohemian style, and in the matching of upper body T-shirts, in order to avoid too much visual focus, you can choose the basic or the same color to match.

It is also a very practical skill to tie the top into the flower skirt. When you raise the waistline, you will not let the long skirt “press” your height. The petite little fairies should remember.

To say that the most classic skirt pattern must be a plaid element, the traditional plaid element can be used on the pleated skirt to create a college age with a cool, plain letter T, let you a second Back to the student age of the youth.

Of course, the dazzling color is more suitable for driving in the summer, with a superb eye-catching match!

In addition to the classic plaid elements, the geometric design of the design is also very successful in the hot summer days. The upper body T-shirt can choose simple and textured styles, whether it is a daily commute or weekdays. Leisure can be easily held.

To say that there are leopard prints in the classic elements. Different from the sexy and wild style of leopard prints in recent years, the leopard prints in recent years can create a gentle little woman’s atmosphere, with a slim TEE and a large aviator sunglasses that are not too stealing. Leopard elements can also be attacked.

Avant-garde and slightly exaggerated large prints are generally suitable for high-saturation color matching. This distinctive bright and vibrant is best suited for summer. Similarly, in the collocation, be careful not to let the whole body focus too much, you can unify the color and skirt of the T-shirt, or “no brain” to choose 99% white T that will not go wrong.

The Stylish Paper Bag Pants, You Deserve To Have It

Instead of taking the old road that everyone knows, it’s better to put on a different color item, and another way to get you to the destination quickly. The yellow V-neck shirt may have this function, which can make you stand out in the crowd, and suddenly become the focus of fashion. It is difficult to think about it. The main thing is that you can also rely on a black paper bag pants, which will let you wear a slimming visual effect in an instant.

For the dark color, it is more difficult to control, because it will bring a sense of maturity, if not worn, it will be really old. So for the blacktop, the design with the trumpet sleeves is very retro, and the girl is full of sense. Light brown high-waisted paper bag pants, learn the pinch angle, show your high waist in minutes. If you think it will be old, black canvas shoes to help out, give you a sense of literary and full academic atmosphere.

Still high-waisted paper bag pants with brown tones, the straps around the waist are very thin, but showing the waist is still no problem. When the brown paper bag pants meet the black printed T-shirt, you can feel the full neutral wind across the screen. It is casual and cool, and it is difficult to think about it. The artistic blue bag adds a sense of freshness to the neutral atmosphere, easily impressing your little girl.

Caramel color paper bag pants walk, if you are worried about bad matching, even if you are old when the little fairy chooses the top, the pick will bring a refreshing white T-shirt, which is age-reducing and atmospheric, and can easily be white.

Striped paper bag pants, it has a slimming effect, I believe it can capture the favor of a wide-size fairy. The high-waist design, with a short black top, makes it easy to wear a “bright belly” effect, showing a unique and atmospheric artistic sense, showing your small waist.