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Girls’ Favorite, White T-shirt + Skirt Combination

Although the T-shirt is the most versatile item, then there are people, why do you wear it is not good? This is very annoying, especially with a white T-shirt as the main item. How would you match it?

Secretly to teach you a trick to dress and win the magic weapon, that is the same color that people love, I believe everyone will understand. For example, if you choose a girl’s favorite white T-shirt + white skirt combination, deep and shallow color, it is very literary. If you feel that your body is not perfect, then the little fairy needs to think a little more about the choice of skirt type.

No matter what color, in the white T-shirt embellishment, it will look very stealthy, just like this little green print, make the style become very interesting. The lower body is matched with a light-colored check skirt, and the design of the split ends makes the woman’s sense of sight doubled easily. It is difficult to think about it. With the red witch shoes on your feet, you can easily earn a good turn.

If you are the guardian of the minimalist style, then this black and white must not be missed. Girls’ favorite white T-shirt + black and white checkered skirt combination, simple yet high-quality, stylish and classic. The thong sandals are worn on the foot, which is light, casual and comfortable.

Still a pure white T-shirt, it can also be used with a pink split skirt, adding a touch of mature women’s charm. The material of the corduroy makes the shape more distinctive, simple and feminine. The footsteps are the most popular grandmother’s shoes recently, classic retro yet feminine.

V-neck + Skirt = The Most Fashionable Wear In 2019

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. How can girls who have not lost their fat in time get skinny? Today, I recommend a seasonal dress formula that is not wrong, not picky, thin and advanced. It is a V-neck top + a half skirt.

The thin ankles that can be exposed by the skirts, especially the girls who are half-baked in the lower half, are thinner than the pants, and the skirts are all under the waistline, so the two pieces are taken for granted. Small face + big long legs combination.

Suit + Skirt

When the suit is fastened, the neckline is a natural V-shaped. There are many combinations of suits and skirts on the T-stage in the spring and summer of 2019. They are both savvy females and charming little fairies, which fully meet the multi-faceted setting of contemporary women.

The first recommended skirt is a pleated skirt, especially an oversized suit + irregular pleated skirt, which is thin and not serious.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the silky skirt that is visually cool and smooth can also be paired with a suit. The same color will be more elegant, and the belt will make you instantly become a thin and thin goddess.

Shirt + Skirt

The shirt is definitely an important weapon to create a variety of styles. Unlocking a few buttons, the casual and fashionable V-neck shirt will be there. On the T stage this year, all the shirts were unbuttoned to make a half skirt, and according to the number of unbuttoned buttons, they can also be divided into small V, large V, deep V and so on.

In daily life, a more fashionable combination is a shirt + irregular skirt, the top is followed by the rules, the bottom is to break through the imagination, and when commuting, you can choose the black irregular skirt and the basic shirt.

When you are on vacation, the irregular color skirts of the color system are energetic. In short, this combination allows you to exude elegant and advanced fashion tastes, whether you are working or relaxing.

Wear Jumpsuits In Spring, Comfortable And Casual

Frock has gradually developed into a fashion trend, tooling jumpsuits are also very suitable for wearing in the spring, loose style tooling jumpsuits, not only wear comfortable and casual but also concave handsome, fashionable, very advanced age.

The styles of the jumpsuits are varied, and the materials, colors, and types are many, so there are more choices for everyone. Tooling jumpsuits are one of them. When I first entered the spring, the temperature was not too warm. With satin jumpsuits and long trench coats, tall girls wear them like this, and they are easy to wear.

In most cases, women wear straight overalls and choose the style and color that suits them. It is easy to wear casual and fashionable. And middle-aged women are also very suitable for wearing jumpsuits, many people wear in the streets and lanes, showing the body and temperament.

Because it is a long piece of trousers, it can’t be worn too much. It has a obvious waist design or a belt. This point, whether it is a boy or a girl, should be noticed when dressing and matching. Only when you show your body proportion, the temperament will be more outstanding.

Of course, a small or medium-sized girl, wearing a jumpsuit, attaching a belt, improving their waistline, and even create a “big leg” sense of sight. Tooling jumpsuits with flat shoes and high heels are suitable, more versatile.

When the weather is a little hotter, you can choose the mid-sleeve piece, which can also show off your slim arms. This body is a one-piece cropped trousers with slim arms and ankles, with small white shoes, and spring wear is very refreshing.

In fact, when choosing a one-piece suit, color matching is also very important, according to your own skin color to choose, or classic models are more versatile. This white bodysuit is more contrasting. It is not a particularly fair skin, it can also be very white, and it is easy to wear high-quality beauty.

Boldly Try The Bright And Charming Flower Shirts, There Is Always One That You Like.

As the weather gets hotter, more and more people will like to spend shirts. Why do you say that? Because I think of the flower shirt, it is reminiscent of the seaside beach, the beauty of the blue sea and the blue sky, it is really difficult to resist the temptation.

Flower shirts can be used not only for vacations but also for you to show off your good clothes in the workplace. For example, with a high-waist A-line skirt, is it very own personality style, there is always a one you like. And the black A-line skirt can also be slim and temperament, even if it is out of the street, it will also make you the focus of everyone.

Boldly try bright and charming flower shirts, but also need a good hairstyle to match, for example, in a short hair that is handsome, it should be a lot of little fairies like but dare not try. The little fairy can try to tie up the flower shirt and show off your little waist. Is it cool?

If you want a more retro style, then you need a different kind of polka-dot wide-leg pants to take it, slim and say it again, this combination is really slim, there is always a one you like. I don’t know why, when I first saw this match, I let my mood relax and I didn’t have the slightest burden. If you want to get rid of the stress of work, you can be lazy in the usual time. You can try this combination.

I don’t know if the little fairy is worried about the problem of the flower shirt being difficult to control after choosing the flower shirt. In fact, the little fairies that will be matched know that if you don’t know the mix of the bottoms, you can directly get the classic jeans to match, and easily transform into a flower fairy, so that you can be more natural and fresh. The white strappy shoes are temperamental and elegant.

White shirt did not watch? A flowered shirt with green accents makes the little fairy easily transform into a flower fairy in the spring flowers. Paired with crisp white trousers, it highlights the perfect temperament. And the white trousers are very easy to control, and the versatile and temperament, the little fairy no longer have to worry about the problem of fashion error.

Choose The Dress That Suits You Best According To Your Stature

1.Long Neck

Girls with long necks must pay attention not to choose the V-neck style when choosing the dress, because the V-neck will lengthen your neck line and make your neck look longer and more obvious. It is recommended to choose a dress with a collar style, which looks neat and neat. Can also modify the neck ratio.

2.Wide Shoulder

If you are a girl with a wide shoulder, it is suitable for a long-necked V-neck dress, but it will suit you, because the V-neck can not only show the collarbone, but also the line of sight, and the long line makes you look slimmer. Natural shoulder width will not be obvious.

3.The Arms Are Thick.

If you are a girl with a thick arm, you can choose a dress with loose sleeves such as a flared sleeve and a fluffy show, not only to cover your ‘Kirin Arm’ but also to add a stylish look.

4.Waist Fat

For girls with a strong waist or a small belly, you can choose a loose and long skirt style when you choose a dress. You can also add a pleated skirt as shown below to increase the layering and elegant felling.

5.Legs Fat

If you are just a girl with thick legs, in fact, many styles are suitable for you, because as long as you don’t accept the oversized skirt, you will basically cover your legs, and the thick thighs will be able to get over the knees. If the calves are thick, then choose and barefoot is better.

The Most Popular Middle Pants In 2019

First: Bermuda Pants

From the Bermuda pants of the North Atlantic mysterious archipelago, a name can lay a cool and unspoken fashion position. The length of the pants is not too long, and the man is full of enthusiasm, giving an unpredictable explorer temperament.

The combination of Bermuda pants is not difficult, you can try to pick some “outside the territory” items. What is the territory outside? If the Bermuda pants are masculine, then the tops and shoes are best equipped with some more feminine items, such as shirts and bare boots, which show their personality in a seemingly contradictory style.

A denim jacket can also be a choice if you want to be cool on the previous level but don’t want to be a tomboy tomboy. The cowboy is very neutral, with the Bermuda pants casual extension, if you are worried that the style is too tough, you can mix it with a pair of high heels.

When it comes to shoes, Bermuda pants are perfect for a variety of boots. On the one hand, because the temperature in April is still unstable, the spring and autumn can not be wrong. On the other hand, because the Bermuda pants are not short or short, the boots are exposed to a certain shape, which can just modify the leg shape.

Second: Bicycle Pants

The fabric of the cycling pants is strong, breathable and elastic. Originally it was designed to optimize the riding experience, but now it has become a smashing sacred product on the street.

Yes, the best pairing of cycling pants is the suit! Once the tight-fitting stretch pants and the silhouette suit are combined, any rigid collar and gun collar can be eliminated with one button.

In addition, the “salesman” pockets and bags can also go together. Colors can be bold, because riding pants are often brighter, and if the accessories can be ingeniously contrasted, it will show unlimited confidence and vitality.

Have You Bought Summer Dresses?

Essentials 1: White Dress That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

The pure white dress comes with a fairy effect. The female man can also become a little fairy in seconds.

The white dress of the sling can choose the long A-line skirt, which is more elegant and is a must for the holiday. The long yarn quality is the standard under the summer sea breeze. You are the little fairy who walks out in the fairy tale.

Essential 2: Polka Dot Skirt

If you only buy a dress, the polka-dot dress is the best choice. The romantic elegance and low-key have connotation, revealing a touch of French style. Although the wave point is just a pattern, the style of the wave dress can be varied. The same black wave point can have large wave point wavelet points, long skirt and short skirt, different cutting. The same bamboo basket bag can wear a completely different style.

How to choose such a variety of classes? You can choose some bright color polka-dot skirts from the color.

You can also choose a layered polka-dot skirt from the cut. The layering is a good helper, and the flat-breasted girl can choose a layered skirt with a chest to make the figure more curved.

Essential 3:Ruffle Dress

With the reincarnation of fashion, the lotus leaf swept again. The sweet lotus leaf has a self-contained gas field, elegant and not lethal.

Making a fuss about the sleeves is one of the ways to improve the overall look. The sleeves with ruffles not only create a full retro court feeling, but also light as a little fairy to float.

White T-shirt, An Always Fashionable Item

Whether it’s winter or summer, you can always see the traces of white T-shirts. You can wear them inside and have proper fashion items. Let’s share some white T-shirts with you, adding a bit of fashion to you.

Although the white T-shirt looks simple, it is so fashionable, white T-shirt + skirt, very feminine combination, especially hit the classic black and white combination, such as white T-shirt + black ruffle skirt, over the knee The length is more feminine than the short skirt. If you feel so boring, try using some small accessories, such as scarves and exaggerated earrings, full of exquisiteness.

The white T-shirt looks ordinary, but it doesn’t pick, it can be combined with any single item, than the white T-shirt + bean green lotus leaf wide-leg pants, very light color, with a pair of bright brown flat shoes, refreshing and neat. White T-shirt with this year’s special plaid split skirt, red deep v single shoes instantly enhance the exquisite look of the whole look, white T-shirt followed by the advanced.

The most common match for a white T-shirt is to match the jeans, but in order not to make the white T-shirt look so ordinary, we can add a little fashionable elements to the jeans, such as tassels, look a little personality, or match a pair of accessories, such as A silk scarf on the bag, a very small French style, or a pair of eye-catching shoes, will make ordinary white T-shirts no longer ordinary.

How to put a white T-shirt in the workplace to do a bit more commute, with the pipe pants is right. For example, the red letter logo white T-shirt + high waist slim black smoke tube pants, simple and succinct, showing the workplace commuting side, if you want to take a little rest, with sports shoes, if you want to be more aerobic, high heels must be To be arranged.

White Jeans Are Starting To Pop! Do You Understand?

Fear of wearing white jeans is fat? You have not chosen the right style. Skinny jeans have long since passed, and now the loose jeans are popular. The white loose jeans can easily cover the shortcomings of various legs and improve the eye-catching index. No wonder it’s so hot in the fashion circle!

Kendall Jenner’s simple printed T-shirt is stuffed into denim trousers with a pair of tonal high-heeled ankle boots with a two-meter leg. With a super small handbag, it is very easy to wear a very strong gas field.

Gigi Hadid, who loves denim, uses a brushed denim with a yellow checkered suit, a top denim + plaid + denim three-layered street fashion, and with a pair of narrow border sunglasses, the cool girl can learn.

Large suits often cover the waist while covering the excess flesh. The correct way to open a suit in spring is to open it! At this time, with a high-waisted wide-leg jeans, the top is stuffed into the pants, and the ratio problem is solved at once.

Girls who are pursuing a neutral style will add a belt, and when they are cool, they will clearly mark the waistline. Want to create a refreshing feeling, put down the trousers, white denim pants are the best.

Denim jacket + T-shirt + jeans, easy to wear, whether it is conspicuous printed jacket or low-key dark jacket, with a simple white jeans is right, choose a pair of pants, slippers and booties can take stand up.

Choose a short leather jacket + belly short jacket to match white jeans, show a slim waist, high waist pants and the same color high heels, the leg length is instantly added 10cm.

When the soft sweater is loose, you can meet the fairy combination of white straight jeans + torre shoes, and the daily wear like fashion blogger Marie von Behrens is also very good.

Teach You How To Match The Split Skirt

Today I am going to introduce a straight skirt that is suitable for commuting. Speaking of this style, the first emerging image in many people’s minds is Samantha in “Sex and the City”. This American drama is the fashion enlightenment of many people. Samantha is particularly capable and individual. In fact, the straight skirt is also such a style.

Open the straight skirt can cover the legs, with a large span, can be sexy or cold, I believe you have a wardrobe.

This style was once popular, but it was not so hot in the past two years. In fact, it is very good to create a fashionable and stylish look. When you see this article, try to open the closet and use a straight skirt to evoke another heart full of fashionable bacteria.

Of course, you can also try some colors, more street fashion. For example, a vest that I never thought of. Pull up the sleeves of the shirt to reveal the arm, so that the upper body will not be too heavy, and the color of the shirt will not be too eye-catching to make the overall match lose its brilliance.

Putting sweaters on your shoulders in spring is a tried and tested match, so please take out the brightest sweater in your closet. It is no longer a dream to tie your waist to make your legs two meters long.

Blue and white is always a classic. If you are an office worker, pick a shirt that is ingenious, and wear a popular waist-waist young denim skirt.

If you have the heart to look at this year’s Paris Fashion Week show, wear a single shirt in the shirt, not to mention how stylish, go to work, shopping, wear it. Put on your hate high, no matter where you are, your foot is your T station.

If you like European and American style, the blue and white combination mentioned above can still come in handy, handbags and sunglasses, perfect weekend needs such a match.

If you want to feel warm, you can try the nude color, pull the jacket below the shoulder, wear a delicate necklace, the upper body is loose and random, the lower body has a sense of line, wearing light-colored high-heeled shoes.