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The 3 Skirts That Must Be Bought, Let You Be Fashionable For A Whole Spring

The feminine beauty of a whole spring can be expressed in skirts, and spring is the season of wearing skirts! No matter what the item is, as long as there is a blessing of the skirt, the overall look can be a little more gentle.

Like an elegant and gentle dress, a fashionable personality half-skirt or a literary shirt with a melody, it is particularly beautiful in spring and is popular with a lot of little fairies.

The blazer or denim jacket that we must have in the spring can be used with a variety of skirts. It is not full of feminine and very beautiful.

1.Satin Skirt

The satin skirt is high level and the texture is beautiful. You must buy one of the fashionable ones! In the early spring, you can wear a jacket or a sweater. In spring and summer, you can wear a shirt or a T-shirt.

Satin skirts You can boldly choose some colors, more fashionable, you can use a smoky blue blazer to make contrast color mix.

The most insured is of course the same color system. The same color combination not only makes the overall shape more complete, but also has some subtle layering, very advanced.

2.Printed Skirt

The print skirt is romantic and full of style, so you can easily and stylishly look with the basic items to help you wear a full style.

Because the printed pattern is already colorful enough, the matching items should be as simple as possible, and the checkered suit and white T-shirt are all fashionable partners that cannot be missed.

If you are afraid of mistakes, you can choose the color that corresponds to the printed skirt to select the item, which is visually a whole set. 

3.Leather Skirt

The black leather skirt is low-key and textured. The loose leather dress is casual and literary. If it is a bag-open leather skirt, it can show more femininity. Even the basic black can change a lot of styles.

The bright leather skirt is the trend of this year. It is very eye-catching to wear. It can also enhance the fashion sense with the spring items.

Such a bright patent leather skirt is more feminine, intellectual and elegant, and can add a lot of gas to you.

Spring Fashion Wear In 2019: Suit + Jeans

Gray suit + blue jeans, with a sense of high-level in the sleek, creating a free and easy style. Pick the white bottoming shirt, put it into the jeans, improve the waistline and add a little more temperament, the beauty is just right. The dark gray ankle boots on the feet are simple and uncommon.

As we all know, black is the most slim and most resistant to dirt, and it will not go wrong. Choose a black suit + dark blue jeans, with a touch of vintage in the neat, easy to create elegant style. Get a black sweater with a lotus leaf collar, while keeping it warm. With black boots with polka dots on your feet, teach you to wear a golden proportion of body, full of energy!

Pick a fragrant purple suit, and a black bottoming shirt, eye-catching and eye-catching, to meet your girl’s heart, easy to create elegant style. The lower body chooses light blue jeans, and the black bottoming shirt is casually stuffed into the jeans, which lengthens the proportion of the body, and adds a touch of knowledge to the handsome, which makes people shine. White pointed boots on the feet, simple and stylish.

The plaid elements are timeless and are popular with fashion. What to wear in spring? Choose a gray check suit + light blue jeans, very stylish, full of British style, to create a stylish lady style. Get treasure blue small high collar, play the effect of a clear pen, beautiful and outstanding. On the foot, I stepped on a small white high heel with a wave of dots, revealing a small fresh, full of girlish feelings!

Want to be more picky?Then don’t miss this match, the little fairies are coming over! Choose leopard-print suit + light blue jeans, with a touch of elegance in the streamlined, full of personality, easy to create an elegant style. Stepping on the white booties on the feet, the hidden elegance, more than a little bit, let you stand out in the crowd, have you learned?

The color of the dark is not bright enough, and the candy color is the best choice. Pick a tender green suit, encounter light blue jeans, with a touch of chic in the beautiful, easy to create the elegant style. Choose a white bottoming shirt and tuck it into light blue jeans to create a high waistline that will make you an 18-year-old girl. With white high-heeled boots on the feet, it’s an elegant touch that makes it easy to have a return rate.

Jeans + Denim Jacket Is The Most Fashionable Match In Spring

Jeans and denim jackets are the most everyday items that are indispensable in the wardrobe. Usually, everyone wears a single piece, try to wear a complete set, and the fashion is doubled.

The advantage of this method of wearing is that as long as you wear it together, you will naturally have the effect of Total Look.

1.Fur Collar Denim Jacket + Jeans

In the winter, there is a variety of upgraded jackets with a plush to replace the thin one layer, the denim fabric has a tough texture and the cuff neckline is soft and soft. The lower body straight-leg pants have long legs and straight legs, and the tassels of the jeans legs extend the overall effect, allowing the lower body pants to be connected with the black booties.

The micro-horn jeans make the whole very retro, with high-heeled shoes hidden in the trouser legs and quietly stretched proportions.

The trend of the big logo has returned, and the denim and denim wear method itself is also very 80’s atmosphere, you can choose the matching shoes and bags according to this impression.

A circle of gray fleece on the cuffs adds detail to the details, and also protects the hands from being frozen. The cropped jeans are exposed to the ankles, and the white shoes are especially refreshing.

2.Complete Set of Denim + Hoodie

The soft knitted fabric of the sweater brings comfort and security, and the casual temperament coincides with the cowboy. The newly married Haili always likes the oversized boyfriend’s wind jacket, black hooded sweater and big sunglasses to add body.

The wide-shoulder denim jacket has a sense of style, and the straps on the side of the jeans are similar to the track pants, and the legs are echoed with the boots.

If you have a thick denim shirt, you can also try it as a jacket this season. Like this Wconcept Short Sentence large-profile shirt-style denim jacket is very suitable, made particularly thick, wearing a dark gray hoodie shape is very simple to wear.

The red and blue are put together with a strong eye-catching effect. Wearing a red sweater and jeans is too big. Wearing a jacket and a small part of the front piece is much more comfortable. Gigi white shoes, small white bag and color make the whole fresh.

Dress + Jacket = The Most Fashionable Match In 2019 Spring

The spring of the resurgence of all things is full of vitality, and the clothes must be full of vitality. The dresses are graceful, romantic, easy, and easy to take. The most important thing is that is girls’ favorite items.It’s time to expose our fairy tales~

If you want to wear a beautiful dress, you need to add a coat! And some special style dresses with the right coat can also play the role of covering meat.

If you want a girly look and want to be fashionable, which coat and dress should you choose? Denim jacket is definitely the first choice!

To know that the denim jacket is a basic versatile model, it is good to match, not to pick people, and to be young. So it’s not wrong to use a denim jacket to make a concave shape.

I think most of the girls like to have a long skirt fluttering~ but this time the denim jacket will have a short leg to look like a long leg~

Like a small fresh style, you can wear a cotton pure white dress, or a small floral skirt, feeling gentle and temperament~

The military green tooling jacket comes with a neutral temperament, and the mix of the skirt and the handsome and tender, sweet and tough.

When paired with a light-colored dress, it can make people feel fresh and reveal the natural comfort of Mori.

If you want to wear a rustic atmosphere, with a floral skirt, you can perfectly show it~

You don’t think that there is no “gentle” side of the leather coat. Now, with the dress, isn’t that just about everything?

Small suit jackets are not only boring business suits, but also mix and match dresses. The gas-filled suit and the feminine dress collide, whether it is a suspender skirt or a short skirt, it is a delicate match.

What To Wear To Meet The Spring?

The long winter is about to pass, and the long-awaited spring is coming! What to use to meet the spring? I think the sweater is the right person and the temperature is good. If you want to wear a girly look, it is recommended that the skirt be opened for the sweater and the youthful color.

With the same color, the overall look coordination. Pure and flawless white gives a hint of fresh and refined atmosphere, very charming. The creamy white pleated skirt opens for the white sweater, and it’s elegant and radiant. The white sweater with thick knit lines, the fashion is still not reduced, but it adds a bit of temperament, creating a fashion lady style. On the foot, step on the black small high heel with a bow, simple and not ordinary, add a touch of playfulness and cuteness.

Choose a dark brown crew neck sweater, encounter a short red leather skirt, with a touch of handsome, sleek youthful color, create a dynamic and casual style, full of girly. With black ankle boots on the feet, the slim white legs show a tall figure, sexy and sultry, beautiful!

The dark green pleated skirt is paired with a dark gray turtleneck sweater, and there is a sense of high-grade in the beautiful, satisfying your girl’s heart, creating a sense of atmosphere and letting people shine. Stepping on the black Lok Fu shoes, the simple yet stylish style, let you stand out in the crowd, full of energy!

The peach pink pleated skirt is a light gray sweater opening, romantic and sweet, so that you can become an 18-year-old girl, youthful. With a light pink bandage on your feet, you can’t hide the girl’s heart, teach you to wear a golden proportion of the body easily, have you learned?

Choose a camel sweater, as well as a leopard-print hip skirt, which shows the full personality, with a touch of elegance in the streamlined, creating a chic goddess, and youthful color. Stuff the camel sweater into the leopard-print hip skirt, and increase the waistline while adding a touch of modernity, showing a bumpy body. With a small black high heel on the feet, it is elegant and feminine, and it is more than a little high, so you can easily have a high rate of second glance.

2019 Popular Color-Part 2

4.Mango Mojito

The golden mango mojito yellow satisfies our desire for pleasure and comfort. It can be very summery or autumn, and the warmth is constant.

From the show, you can feel the enthusiasm of Mango Mojito Yellow, choose it, you will be very eye-catching.

This color is similar to ginger, and it is very friendly to yellow-skinned white leather. The fur coat adds a layer of PVC, which is a bit cool.

Wearing a mango mojito yellow scarf in winter is not bad~

In the spring and summer, you can choose a pair of mango mojito yellow pants to wear a sense of vitality.

5.Terrarium Moss

Terrarium Moss is reminiscent of dense forests, and it is associated with potted plants at home. It can be used to match the colors of various flowers. Among the 12 popular colors in this spring and summer, the golden and yellow lines are very good.

This color is not so bright, there are fewer restrictions on skin color, and Asians are also very suitable.

The mossy green of different materials presents different textures, and the velvet is very noble, with a natural reflector to highlight the complexion.

In the color matching, you can choose the same color of the green color, and wear the layering of the color.

6.Sweet Lilac

Sweet lilac is a lovable pink in the lavender purple, calm and gentle attitude exudes a quiet charm, adding a sense of youth to the warm spring day.

The show in the show is either the ultimate sweetness or the sweetness with a little cool, which gives us ideas for the selection.

In color matching, we can also follow this line of thought, or it is very sweet, with a sweet color on the basis of powder, such as light pink.

Either match the cool colors, such as black, with its mystery and deep balance of sweet lilac girls, sweet and handsome.

Of course, in the handsome retro, you can highlight a little sweet powder, and wear it more accent.

2019 Popular Color-Part 1

1. Aspen Gold

Pantone described the color as saying: the sun-like poplar gold evokes joy and joy, and makes our days shine. Indeed, there is an inexplicable joy in watching this color.

The joy brought by color contrasts with the serious face of the model, but it highlights the color as sunny as approachable.

Wearing a Aspen Gold is undoubtedly the brightest star in the street, and the sporty attire will bring more activity.

If you think this color is shiny, the jacket can be put on a slightly low-key black turtleneck, or choose a Aspen Gold dress as a set.

2.Princess Blue

Princess Blue is a noble royal color, sparkling, and often pay attention to the Princess Kate or the Princess of Megan. If you have seen this color more or less, this is a princess blue that is elegant, noble and beautiful.

Even if it is elegant, it can shine and attract attention, and it also has a refreshing feeling.

Both Kate and Megan belong to a yellowish complexion. Wearing princess blue is still stress-free. Wearing a princess blue in the street, stepping on the kitten, elegant and eye-catching.

The combination of princess blue and black and white transforms elegance into a sense of movement and youthfulness.

3.Toffee Brown

I like this toffee. Have you ever thought about putting too much brown sugar on your body? Warmth is not sweet, low-key without losing a sense of quality.

Toffee brown gives people a warm and happy feeling, the upper body effect shows texture, and it is very white.

This year’s street shooting has a relatively high frequency of down jackets, using toffee brown to balance the distance between young and mature.

It is especially suitable for a windbreaker or coat with a brown sugar brown, and it is effortless to wear a fashionable feeling.

It’s not bad to have a toffee brown inside. It’s tired of wearing black and white ash, and occasionally try new colors, maybe you will see yourself differently.

Spring Blossoms, When Shirts Meet Wide-leg Pants!

Whether it is fashionable people or super stars, they all use white shirts to make a concave shape. In the spring season, when the shirt meets the wide-leg pants, what fun and interesting story will happen? Next, look at this article.

When the blue and white striped shirts meet the solid color wide-leg pants, they are simple and versatile, and they are not monotonous nor full of fashion fun. The shirt is tied into the wide-leg pants, and the straps are designed to easily show the waist of the little fairy. The strappy shoes with thick heels can be high in personality. The white color makes the skin white and tender.

Black and white is the simplest color combination in the fashion world. No matter how to wear it, will not make people find faults. The shirt is added to the V-neck design to add a stylish personality to the look. When the white shirt meets the black wide-leg pants, the classic looks good. The silk scarf with polka dots on the neck gives you a sense of warmth.

Who said that white is not thin? In the spring season, the temperature is gradually picking up, and the clothes of the little fairies are gradually decreasing. Loose white shirts, are the little fairies all started? With denim wide-leg pants with holes, you can show off your personality and make you look good.

Whenever the season is changed, the biggest trouble is the problem of large temperature difference. In fact, the temperature difference is not so terrible, a jacket can easily get the problem, what is the little fairy still worried about? White shirt + denim wide-leg pants, classic matching, to complete your high fashion sense. The irregular cut of the trousers adds a look to the look. The orange shoes on the feet add a full range of vitality.

How To Match Green More Fashion In Spring?

Spring is here, everything starts to wake up with green, full of vitality and vitality. Nature is a palette. Many things in our life are inspired by the inspiration of nature. The spring is full of green fresh and beautiful. But very few people can control this color, because it is not easy to match, so how to match green is more fashionable?

For the season of recovery in the early spring, the clothes should look alive, so the color that matches the spring color is green. Many people think that green is difficult to control. When choosing clothes, they rarely choose. As long as it is well matched, the green dress is definitely the most eye-catching presence. The yellow-green sweater is matched with the turquoise pants. The color will not be too bright and cheesy. It will be beautiful and stylish, and it will definitely be beautiful.

Even wearing a color is still beautiful, there will be some cold in the early spring weather, a blue-green bread dress with a pair of casual pants of the same color, looking very comfortable and stylish, green is not only stylish, and Other color combinations are also very versatile!

Green and white is also very good. White is always wild, with green combination, very fresh and refined, early spring interpretation of the small fresh style to wear it, the green color of the main color is green.Tell everyone that the most versatile match is to match the black clothes. The trend is not to say that the important thing is the very high grade. The early spring ladies are dressed like this, and the spring should be a bit green.

It’s Time To Wear A New Sweater! These 5 Styles Are Popular In 2019.

In the fashion line, the sweater has never been off the assembly line. Sweaters are still popular in 2019, and in star street shooting, the appearance of sweaters is much higher than other items. Don’t worry, I will show you today, what are the most popular sweaters in 2019? ! Let the little fairies prepare early, wear them early, and be fashionable!

1.Supersize Sweater

Since the popularity of oversized sweaters last year, this year, not only has the heat not been reduced, but it has become a popular supersize sweater, bigger and more fashionable.

The supersize sweater is not only more comfortable to wear, but also more elegant and styling, full of fashion!

2.Colorblock Sweater

This year’s color-matching style is simply too hot~ there are many more features than ordinary sweaters, and you can play out your own unique personality when you wear them out, and you don’t have to worry about hitting your shirt.

The contrast of the asymmetrical pattern can make it more attractive and stylish, with a full-featured casual street feel.

3. Printed Sweater

Since the “Gorgeous Wind” became popular, printed sweaters have become popular too. The combination of gorgeous patterns and stylish sweaters is a new height of beauty.

Printed sweater with English letters, full of casual feeling, handsome and lively~

4. Plush Sweater

The plush sweater is not only soft and comfortable, but also full of fashion sense. It has the effect of warmth and cute.

5. Ultra-Short Sweater

In addition to the casualness, the ultra-short sweater has a little more sexy and styling, which weakens the bloated appearance and makes the shape easier.