You Need A Sun-protective Shirt In Summer.

Sun protection is the most important topic in summer. We prefer the troublesome sun umbrella instead of wearing sun protection clothing. Most of the reason may be that the long sleeves are too hot and it is not easy to wear fashionable clothes. In fact, to cope with the daily weather, you may wish to try these types of beautiful and immortal sun protection clothing.

Silk gown: In addition to functional sun protection, the most commonly used to protect the sun is a variety of cardigans. If you have a silk satin long cardigan is the best, the silk satin fabric is more sleek and easy to care for the whole body, but also comes with elegant and cool temperament.

These gowns are recommended to be worn with casual and casual items, such as irregular jeans, irregularly tailored dresses, etc. If paired with a formal dress, it will drown out the elegance of the summer gown.

If you want to wear a street feel, you can also try a short jacket or a popular item. Including the material of the shirt skirt, can also be worn as a sunscreen gown, the style is more cool than the silk satin cardigan.

If you like temperament, you can use a long gown with shorts, better than a long skirt.

Light and breathable shirt: If you don’t have the above items, you can also try to get the most common shade in your closet. In summer, you need to have enough length to shade, and you need to be refreshed and comfortable. You can choose some. Breathable or lightweight material.

Cotton and linen: cotton and linen are common fabrics in summer. Even long-sleeved trousers and even thin coats will have better breathability.

Organza: The clothes made of organza are very common in the summer. These fabrics are generally very contoured. They are more transparent and can be worn with summer straps and dresses.

The Most Popular Tea Dress This Year, Do You Want It?

It is said that fashion is a reincarnation. The popular tea dress of the last century can be said to be everywhere in this year’s fashion stage. From the stars to the fashionistas, we can almost see it.

Floral elements should be the most common items in the tea dress. In the hot summer, the floral flowers give people a small and beautiful feeling, fresh and refined, a red floral tea dress, and the length of the thighs set off the youthful Beautiful, with sneakers, simple and casual.

Compared with small floral flowers, a large printed tea dress is elegant and atmospheric. The plum-colored skirt is matched with a large print to show the romantic temperament of women, especially with a large V-neck.

To say that this year’s hottest tea dress, it must be polka dots of tea dress, this year is a vintage year, the polka dots element is also more fashion, will carry the retro to the end. Look at such a red wave tea dress, big split fork + big V-neck, properly good body, feet on brown strap shoes, elegant and feminine.

In a group of colorful tea dress, the solid color tea dress still maintains an elegant posture, elegant and simple, a black solid color dress, still has the characteristics of tea dress, v-neck + split fork + waist, simple with a pair Small white shoes can also be beautiful.

In addition to matching with straw shoes, the tea dress is sure to be a straw bag and a straw hat. It is a must-have three-piece suit. The red floral tea skirt is matched with a large straw hat. The hat is used for sunshade. It is also a must-have artifact of concave shape, sexy big V-neck and small waist, very charming.

What Kind of Shoes Do Short Girls Wear In Summer?

To say that the proportion of shoes to save, pointed shoes must be ranked in the TOP 1, whether it is flat or high-heeled, as long as there is a pointed design on the full score! The V-shaped line will have an extended function in the visual direction. It has its own elongated leg effect, and the toe cap is more lined with ankles. It has a slender leg with a ratio of three to seven in one second. This kind of fairy piece is completely worthy of a small girl to buy it into the shoe cabinet, and then sing love for the support.

The lazy wind has been blown from the ins to the domestic, and the semi-cooled design of the Muller shoes combines the casualness of the slippers with the intellectuality of the single shoes. The half-footed foot just stretches the proportion of the lower body, even though it is an inconspicuous skin area. It can be visually at least 5 cm high. If you want to be more casual, you should choose a flat heel. If you want a superior high-performance effect, you can choose a retro rough heel design. Which one is not much more flexible than a thick-soled shoe?

The bloated and cumbersome platform shoes, when they are accidentally worn out, are easy to cripple. However, for kittens and shoes, this is not a matter of lightness. At the same time, it is comfortable, while retaining the agility, quiet Mimi is increased, with a skirt or dress are elegant to burst, if you can gather the above image The two models have a shallow mouth and a shallow mouth, so this piece is perfect!

The classic shoe design with a pair of sandals is preserved, and the visual splitting effect caused by the brightly colored straps at the ankles is abandoned, but the transparent belt solves this trouble. The high heel supports the instep, and the transparent belt cannot be robbed. The whole pair of slender legs are in the limelight! There is no such thing as a match. The first time I wear this “fairy shoe” is afraid of mistakes, like the two models Kaia Crawford and Kendall Jenner, a white dress is enough.

The winds of the strappy shoes are not delayed. Many small fairies are hesitant to enter the end. Listen to the small series, as long as the straps are simple and generous in design, but the length is not a calf, buy it! At first glance, the cool strappy sandals are worn with a French-style sling dress, and the exotic style is blowing in the face; or the low-heeled strap-up shoes are paired with nine-point jeans, revealing the finest ankles with a height of 10cm. Long legs are not afraid of it.

Summer Is Also Suitable For Wearing Wide-leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are a fashionable item that is very trendy and also relatively temperamental. However, wide-leg pants are not a good match, it is a bit picky about body and height. And the girls who will match, regardless of their size, can also wear a sense of fashion, especially temperament.

You can wear wide-leg pants in different seasons throughout the year. In winter, you can choose wide-leg pants. You can put cotton trousers and long trousers inside to keep warm. It is a very good choice. So, the summer weather is so hot, is it suitable to wear wide-leg trousers? The answer is, of course, affirmative, and it is also suitable for wearing wide-leg pants in summer.

So, how do you match it to look better? In fact, a simple T-shirt with wide-leg pants can make a sense of fashion, simple and temperament. And the T-shirt will not grab the limelight of wide-leg pants. Thin and tall girls, naturally needless to say, how to wear, have a height advantage, wearing is very capricious.

Moreover, the style and color of wide-leg pants are many, and there are many choices for everyone. Straight pants, micro-brown pants, bell-bottoms, and other wide-leg pants styles, have a pair of slim long legs, how to wear them. You can also show your good body with the shape of wide-leg pants.

In order to show their perfect body proportions, or to the girls who want to show off their bodies, they often choose high-waist T-shirts, navel suits and wide-leg pants, which are particularly fashionable and stylish. A supermodel body and gas field. Of course, the premise is that the figure is good, otherwise it is easy to expose your body’s small defects.

Want Swan Neck? A V-neck Is Enough.

Very simple, the V-neck piece completely releases the neck and easily achieves a face-lift effect. The design of the V-neck can not only visually stretch the neckline, but also show the beautiful “Swan neck”, and the sexy collarbone can also be released.

Therefore, the V-neck shirt came in handy, and the long-sleeve V-neck shirt with a clear shoulder line was chosen because the stiff effect of the shoulder line treatment can make the shoulder visually appear upward, thus weakening the shoulder-slipping effect of the trapezius muscle. The neck is naturally stretched.

Rosie Huntington Whitley’s pink satin shirt, the pleats on the shoulders lift the shoulders, and the trapezius muscles are flush with the folds of the shirt, with a red embroidered skirt.

The subtlety of the palace style is the puff sleeves, the shoulder line position is raised upwards, the shoulders are naturally high, and the girls with developed trapezius muscles are very good.

A large open black and white check shirt top with puff sleeves and a nude skinny skirt. This choice is where the flaws are exposed, just as the V-neck just reveals the trapezius muscle, and the loose neckline subtly connects the trapezius muscle to the shoulder in a more gentle way, which is no longer abrupt.

If your chin is fleshy and looks like a big neck and a short neck, then the V-neck dress can divert attention. A beautiful sexy V-neck dress full of French style, you can immediately shift the line of sight that others stare at your chin, and focus on the beautiful dress. The V-neck has a small face effect, and the chest is exposed. The skin can still be long and round.

The refreshing and clean green dress is loose and comfortable, and it is slim and young. The thin shoulder line is connected to the skin on the chest to form a downward trend. Naturally, there is a V-face effect, and the meat chin is gone.

The mango-colored chiffon dress is playful and elegant, the soft material has a dangling texture, and the elastic waist can lift the waistline up to form the illusion of the shirt + skirt, revealing slender legs.

Shirt Skirt + Small White Shoes, Full of Femininity

The first is a set of dresses with a shirt, and the white dress is very small. However, this white dress is worn a little like pajamas alone, so tie a plaid shirt around your waist. Shoes with a pair of platform sneakers are more comfortable than high heels, and more suitable for this style.

This white lace dress is very suitable for girls with better body shape. The white semi-empty design is also very popular in the body. We used to wear this dress with high heels, but we wear this kind of girl with painful feet. A pair of white sneakers, the effect is not bad.

Although the five-point dress is very good, some girls prefer skirts that only show the length of the knee. This relaxed and full-fledged seven-point dress is particularly eye-catching. It is a pair of Japanese-style and European-American style clothes. The shoes are paired with a pair of white sneakers. The small leather bag is used in the street and the return rate is quite high.

I am used to Scarlett’s black widow movie, I can’t believe that our widowed sister is wearing such a girl every day! This light blue fishtail skirt dress is worn on Scarlett’s body, which is very girly. The shoes are white sneakers for European and American girls. The simple color is very fresh.

The color of this dress is darker, so young girls are not recommended to try, but if you are a girl with a particularly white complexion, you can also try the pleated design of the skirt, no doubt with classic shoes. It is the best choice, and it can be seen that although there are no high heels, it does not feel that the whole person is very short.

The Most Popular Polka Dots Element This Year

The classic fashion elements can be circulated all the time because it is stylish enough and can be added to a variety of styles and styles. The polka-dot elements are such a long-lasting fashion element. Fashionable big-name items often add this element to their new collections.

Girls with mature temperament can choose polka-dot trousers for their own wear, but try to choose a style with a slender waist and a very loose trouser leg, which can well show our more mature side.

In the hot summer weather, it is also necessary to choose a one-shoulder style for your own. It is best to have a shoulder with a polka dot style. If it is a one-word shoulder and dew in the photo. The top of the navel style is definitely the best choice.

The simple style of the polka-dot will make us look particularly young. We can choose a black background for ourselves, a long-sleeved top with white polka dots, and a white pleated skirt for the lower body.

The ultra-low-cut style dress is especially suitable for the young lady who is dressed in good shape, but it is best to choose a skirt with a slit style, the upper body effect will be like the lady in the photo, fashion and Also sexy.

The one-piece dress with a very small wave point can present a very slim feeling. Therefore, we try to choose a polka-dot dress with double long sleeves. As for the design of the open skirt, it depends on the design. Our own thoughts.

The split skirt does allow us to show our legs and legs, but most open skirts have only one open cut. If we want a more sexy image, choose two open cut skirts.

T-shirt + Short Skirt, Stylish For A Whole Summer

Summer is actually a beautiful season. Girls tend to wear skirts, dress up their beauty, and then go to a romantic relationship with the goddess.

The classic and eye-catching white T-shirt, Gucci’s brand, is really good. T-shirt with an irregular plaid skirt, can not stop the retro tide. Little fairy with a pair of black ugly sandals, very fashionable.

To be refreshed, don’t be sultry, or you are familiar with the black and white, but wear the temperament of a lady, for example, a pair of well-wearing black shoes, turned into the most eye-catching fashionistas in summer, simple and generous and temperament.

T-shirts with slings, which are very sexy and sultry in the summer, and the short skirt with leather, invisible reveals a different kind of feminine charm, temperament, and body. The little fairy is still troubled in summer slings do not know how to take it? This should be the best model.

The dark gray printed T-shirt looks very sexy, and the loose version, even the little fat little fairy, can feel the perfect comfort when worn. The little man also wants to show charm, the yellow half-length skirt, the youthful vibrancy, the unique version of the tailoring design, makes the overall look very interesting. Putting the clothes into the skirt, it seems to be not procrastinating.

For a simpler look, the same color look is perfect for you. The black T-shirt with printed embellishment makes them look less boring. The T-shirt with a short skirt, all T-shirts into the skirt, highlighting the slim waist, full of femininity. The hand-held red bag is also able to make a good return for the shape of the little fairy.

How To Choose Sun Protection Clothing?

In the hot summer days, it’s not good to wear a bra in the street every day. The ordinary sunscreen clothing has already rotted the street. What kind of sunscreen clothing is fashionable and cool?

Huh? Chiffon shirts can also be used as sun protection clothing! The editor who insisted on physical sunscreen insisted that: the first layer has a qualitative difference for the sunscreen effect!

This “flowing” chiffon, which is completely oriented according to the body, is both cool and sexy. The brown chiffon is rich in vintage, and the vivid skin emerges with the wind, leaving an infinite imagination. The tall, bold girls are your turn! If you want to be different this summer, wear it!

The elegant gown that can cover the upper and lower body with the largest area is not only a must for a beach vacation but also an urban Boho girl on weekdays.

I don’t know if this beachwear reminds you of your vacation time. It is the best partner for “flying to the tropical island to swim”.

The slightly translucent gauze gown combined with the design of the sweatshirt is given a sense of clarity and sleekness.

This type of cuff has a super long style with girly ruffle design, and it is a peace of mind from the value to the protection.

A high-grade grey satin gown with dark brown paper bag pants and zebra-printed slings. An elegant French lazy atmosphere spreads. The print on the back adds fun, and the lotus pattern that swings with the wind is smart and free.

One-piece sunscreen gown with an ingenious design that combines shade and coolness. It was the smudge of the light yellow that seemed to be in the sand after the sunset.

The skirt lace, oversized puff sleeves, and neckline bow are all finished in a pair of patent leather chunky ankle boots. However, the veil was unveiled, just like the girl who was the original.

Who Is The Perfect Matching For Chiffon Shirt?

Want to wear light and not boring, in addition to a variety of T-shirts, chiffon shirts do not let, the slightly hollow translucent fabric is light and breathable, showing mysterious little sexy without revealing.

We all know that the chiffon shirt version is loose, so you can take the slim tights according to the normal operation. The upper body of the fine buckle chiffon shirt and sunglasses with a strong retro style, jeans with brown cowboy boots can be described as a god of the pen.

The black slim trousers can best match the design of the top, and the pointed high-heeled shoes will stretch the body shape, and then the suits and fashion files in the classic “smoking” are similar, more feminine.

The pattern of ethnic wind cashew flower splicing is easy to expand, and it is somewhat difficult to control. Appropriate addition and subtraction, geometric vests and hem of the trousers constitute a tacit understanding.

If the bottom loading saturation is quite high, the color of the top must be clean, so that the high-color rose pink color will not be unconventional, and the accessories should echo the whole.

Basic pieces such as black chiffon shirts and white wide-leg pants should be available to everyone. If you want to wear color, you should pay attention to details. Accessories such as bags and sunglasses add a casual atmosphere.

The “half-layer” effect of the hooded thin chiffon blouse is looming, and it can be worn in autumn and winter. When it is replaced by a black bra in the summer, it can be worn directly.

Colored chiffon shirts are relatively rare, can be worn as long-sleeved sweaters, leaning to the street feeling, with stiff pants like denim wide-leg pants, it is best to expose the ankle.

In the past two years, the retro style has been smashed, and the straight version that does not pick people has become a common style in everyone’s closet, and what can be put on the top.

One of the tricks of wearing straight pants is the position of the line at the foot, either to expose the ankle or to cover the foot. In contrast, over the foot surface is more leg length, and the weather is warming up or choose a pair of nice sandals to reveal a more refreshing.